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The Black Education Foundation (BEF) is a multi-approach academic society that helps  grow and develop black schools, colleges and universities.  It provides training, seminars and technical workshops that enhance academic and financial growth, which in itself strengthens black colleges and universities in the US (HBCU),  Africa and around the world. 

Together with Black Education Television (BETV),  we are championing academic scholarship and economic development through university education and higher learning.  We deliver innovative solutions to black institutions in the Americas and Africa, and promote discussion forums that stimulate black research, education and development. 

We also evaluate and dissimulate educational content that impact the lives and well-being of blacks students around the world.  And, we produce, distribute and evaluate black achievement at all levels.  By so doing, we enhance greater awareness and invoke  social, academic and economic development. 

Our mission is simple:  develop well-informed black communities and nations, and ensure that black colleges and universities are adequately  supported and funded.  

About BE.TV

Black Education Television Network (BETV) is an upcoming  deliciated web and cable TV channel that enlightens, educates and empowers black communities and nations around the world 

About Us


ChuChu "Alex" Jones

Chairman and CEO 


Karen K. Koukou

Executive Board Member 


Tim Roberts

Executive Board Member

Who we are

Our endeavor

WE are a Black, African and Minority consolidated  college and university support alliance  

Generating Buzz

WE provide a multi-tier academic, consulting and educational platform, dedicated to black  schools, colleges and universities around the world

Closing the gap

WE deliver endowment support and management services to black colleges and universities globally 

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